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The events of these terrible earthquakes changed the lives of many. Read about how we're doing all we can to help below.

BOULDER CO, XX/XX/XXXX, Ella Moran announces that she and her party members will spend time and money to help rebuild the communities affected in the Boulder Earthquake.


“Although these events have shaped the lives for many, we will do all we can to help them rise back up again.” -Press Secretary, Claire Ortwerth


The Wilson Party released today, that beginning on December Second, each member agreed to serve a minimum of fifty hours within the affected communities of the state of Colorado to rebuild not only the physical buildings this terrible disaster destroyed, but to help re-strengthen a sense of community to those that live there. Along with the expense of time, Wilson Party official candidate Ella Moran will be funding growth through a campaign donation of $25,000, about fifteen percent of all funds the campaign has made. This does not account for the money donated personally from each member.

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